Baltics-EU-Africa Trialogue // Kick-Off

2021-2022 // Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

One of the current EU’s priorities is to refresh their ties with the African region by exploring new policy horizons beyond traditional development cooperation. With the new EU strategy with Africa, there is an aspiration to build equally beneficial partnerships between EU and African countries. Baltic states are still relatively new actors in this field, and are only starting to build their tangible ties with African countries or strategically reflect their own role on the EU-Africa agenda.

With an endorsement of Baltic MFAs, we are starting the Baltics-EU-Africa Trialogue Project, which aims to facilitate greater Baltic participation in the EU-Africa partnerships building through analysis based inclusive policy discussions. As AfriKo’s modus operandi is “walk the talk”, the informed and inclusive policy discussions are not the end in itself but rather a method to co-create specific policy tools together with Baltic stakeholders. 

A knowledgeable cooperation with the Centre for Small State Studies will ensure the analytical rigour of the research process and bring in a comparative Nordic perspective on how advantages of small states can be used while making the best of multilateral partnerships for mutual growth.

The Trialogue project will have three stages:

  1. Trialogue Primary Analysis. Our initial months will be dedicated to primary policy analysis, combining desk research and interviews with various stakeholders (at least 25) to research Baltic policies, interests, and attitudes in the EU-Africa relations. The stakeholders, coming from the Baltic, EU, and African region, will comprise different types of policymakers, experts, practitioners from the private sector, civil society and academia. 
  2. Trialogue Policy Discussions. The primary analysis will provide the basis for inclusive expert discussions on the national, Baltic, and EU-Africa levels. By creating a well-informed environment, we will facilitate analysis based strategic reflections with the focus on formulation of specific policy tools in the spirit of partnership building and Baltic cooperation. 
  3. Trialogue Policy Paper with Recommendations.  Our true end goal is not just delivering policy analysis and discussions – while our produced policy paper will serve both as a source of knowledge and a benchmark for Baltic foreign policymakers, – the main aim is the co-creation of durable policy tools and progress monitoring mechanisms. 

On February 19, we officially kicked off the Trialogue project together with policymakers from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the three Baltic countries, representatives of European institutions and other stakeholders in the Baltic and African countries. Starting from here, we are jumping into the primary analysis stage, which will inform inclusive policy discussions. The journey will be as challenging as it is intriguing but we’re excited to see where we’ll end up.

This project is financed by EEA Grants through the Active Citizens Fund