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2019-2020 // Nigeria

In 2020, about 0.5 billion people in Africa is predicted to have mobile internet access, while the ICT sector will create at least 8.6 percent of Africa’s total GDP. Nigeria is the largest African economy whose booming ICT ecosystem attracted $114 million in venture capital in 2017. Realising the potential of young tech-savvy Nigerian talents, Facebook and Google have already invested in Andela, employing Nigeria’s brightest to remotely work for global ICT companies. At the same time, both the European Union and the African Union are determined to foster continent’s digital growth and put private ICT companies in the driver’s seat.

For Lithuanian ICT sector, already curious about attracting global talents and discovering emerging markets, these developments create a unique chance to connect with a vibrant and ever-growing Nigerian economy.

Connecting ICT markets through individual journeys

Digital Explorers is a career advancement programme for Nigerian ICT specialists tailored to also fit the needs of Lithuanian ICT companies and facilitate their access to Nigerian market. Programme consist of work placements in Lithuanian ICT companies and skills enhancement in emerging technologies. The Digital Explorers is built on and supported by an ongoing collaboration between public, private and non-profit organizations in Lithuania and Nigeria.

Key benefits. Digital Explorers programme makes sure that career acceleration of Nigerian ICT talents in Lithuania is hassle-free and no bureaucratic hurdles get in the way. The programme takes care of recruitment, travelling and individual support for each participant, consulting and accompanying Lithuanian ICT companies and Nigerian ICT talents on the way.

In addition, Digital Explorers programme invites ICT companies to participate in business missions to Nigeria and opportunities to benefit from extensive international coverage, helping to discover and connect with Nigeria and other booming African markets, at the same time.

Consortium. Programme partners are well-equipped for the journey ahead. Ventures Platform Foundation (Abuja, Nigeria) focuses on capacity building of tech entrepreneurs and is a well-established actor in the Nigerian ICT scene. The consortium also unites Enterprise Lithuania, Africa research and consulting centre AfriKo, ICT trainers Code Academy, and mobility policy experts Diversity Development Group. Association INFOBALT consults the consortium and contributes to programme implementation.

Digital Explorers programme receives funding from the European Commission and benefits from support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Join the Journey!

If you are a Lithuanian ICT company, which is ready to make new discoveries, we invite you to join the Digital Explorers. In order to tailor the programme to your needs, we are eager to find out what type of digital explorer you are looking for. You can find Partnership Proposal here and contact us at

Let’s meet and discuss what it takes to join the journey!

The programme is funded by the European Union and contracted by ICMPD through the Mobility Partnership Facility.