ICT4D // Digital Generation Youth

2019-2021 // South Africa, Nigeria, The Netherlands, Lithuania

Digital transformation has already disrupted social and economic life on both sides of the Mediterranean. The rise of digital technologies creates new jobs, promotes economic mobility and improves access to public services. Digital single markets are seen as the way forward both in Africa and in Europe. Nonetheless, a lot is still to be done in making digital skills more accessible and recognisable, especially for the young and underprivileged.

Digital Generation Youth connects South Africa, Nigeria, the Netherlands and Lithuania for sharing of best practices in digital literacy education and provides solutions for recognition of non-formal skills.

In 2019-2021, project partners will research, design and pilot new methodologies for digital skills development and rethink how digital transformation could drive up-skilling of young people with fewer opportunities. 

Project design. Partners will get a better understanding of local contexts during 4 dedicated study visits and meetings with stakeholders from public and private sectors. Based on these encounters, research on learning patterns of young people and methodologies developed 2 job shadowing missions will take the project back to Nigeria and South Africa, making sure changes are implemented in a sustainable manner, taking the local needs and ideas into account.

Consortium. Digital Generation Youth is implemented by Breakthrough Foundation (NL) aimed at supporting young people and youth workers to be internationally pro-active, Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre W.TEC (NG), Ready4Life promoting digital, life skills and 21st century workplace readiness in Nelson Mandela Bay Area (SA), Africa research and consultancy centre AfriKo (LT), and Nectarus striving to add digital to youth-work on a global scale (LT).

The project is funded by the European Union through the ERASMUS+ programme.